Sensitive vs Sensitised Skin – What’s the Difference?
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/ Sensitive vs Sensitised Skin – What’s the Difference?

We’ve all been there. Skin’s acting up. It’s redder than usual, tight, itchy, uncomfortable and just acting plain weird. You might think you have sensitive skin, but the truth – your skin is sensitised. 

Didn’t know there was a difference between the two? Don’t worry most people don’t! Sensitive skin is down to genetics and you can’t really do much about it. It is a skin type that you will live with for life. Sounds grim, but it’s not there’s loads of great products out there for the sensitive among us!

But before you start googling how to treat your senstive skin, take a breath and consider the fact that is far more likely that your skin is sensitised, which is a totally different story. Sensitised skin is a condition that can be treated. Sun damage, pollution, shaving, waxing, overusing AHA treatments and a host of other pretty day-to-day situations can all leave your skin sensitised. Or as we call it – they take it on a #badtrip. It’s crazy how many of us are using the wrong products for their skins needs, but don’t worry we’re on a mission to fix this (don’t worry more on that later).

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The Sensitive Cycle

So let’s get a little technical and try to pinpoint what is sensitising your skin. We expose ourselves to loads of different sensitising situations, whether thermal (sun
damage), mechanical (shaving and waxing) and chemical (cosmetic treatments). Overtime these situations will damage your skins natural barrier, whose job it is, is to keep the bad things out of your skin and body. Because your barrier is not working properly, irritants can get in and  stimulate pain receptors in the skin, which we recognise as in the form of heat, stinging, itch etc. It’s a good thing really – helping us defend our bodies to react to minimise further damage, while inflammation is important for the healing of the affected area. But when your skin is flaring up and hurts – it’s tough to see the good side. When this happens over and over, your skin can get caught up in a #badtrip cycle.

Evercalm to the Rescue

Enter our Evercalm Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask, which as been specifically formulated to repair and care for your irritated skin. It is one of our best selling masks and offers relief to many of the painful symptoms associated with sensitive skin. It’s secret? Mushrooms ……………..

Not your average breakfast mushroom, but the Albatrellus Ovinus Mushroom, to be exact. This magic (not that type!)  mushroom, is packed with powerful bioactives that reduce discomfort and irritation from the first application. Its bioactives directly affect the skin’s epidermal pain receptors, blocking the feelings of buring and hypersensitivity that come from inflammation, and stop any further sensitisation from occuring. Who knew funghi could be so good for your skin!

REN Ever Calm Mask

Top Evercalm Picks

Now that you have a handle on why your skin may be sensitised and in need of some TLC, we’ve put together our top 3 products from the REN Evercalm range that every, sensitised skin sister and brother, should have on their shelf! Shop the full Evercalm range here

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