Cleansing tips for all skin types.

Cleansing tips for all skin types.

Getting the most from your cleanser? You soon will be.

Gone are the days of using traditional soaps (plus optional flannel) to wash your face. While there are newer versions of this age-old ritual which are more skin-friendly, most of us are now accustomed to a facial cleanser. But we shouldn't take for granted we’re using the right one, or even using the right one... right. Luckily we’ve put together a few tips to get you on track with your cleansing.

Cleansers, face washes, whatever you call them, should effectively remove dirt, oil buildup, pollution, makeup, skincare and a host of transferred bacteria from touching our faces with our hands throughout the day. Plus, they can help rebalance a myriad of skin concerns, based on your own skin type. Think minimising the look of pores, or combatting blemish-causing bacteria. This makes it extra important to know your skin type first.

Cleansing tips for all skin types.

Choosing the right cleanser.

If you wear makeup regularly, we recommend starting off any cleanse with Clean Jelly Oil Cleanser. This lipophilic oil for all skin types helps attract excess oil while breaking down makeup SPF and pollution. And, you can choose a gel cleanser to finish with (or morning cleanser) that has more targeted benefits.

At a very superficial glance, if you’ve got no specific skin complaints - cleansers for normal skin, like our Rosa Centifolia range, will help you maintain healthy, balanced skin.

Shiny around the t-zone (forehead and nose) but drier patches elsewhere - you’ll want a cleanser for combination skin. And if you’ve got more reactive skin types, with occasional redness - a refreshing cleansing gel for sensitive skin is great to cleanse without over drying.If you’re already dry and sensitive, switch it for a creamy milk cleanser. Now we’ve narrowed down the options a little - here’s some cleansing tips and tricks for all skin types.

Cleansing tips for all skin types.

The double cleanse.

The ever-famous double cleanse: it’s a two-step cleanse routine to keep skin optimally clean. Start with a creamy or oil-based hydrating cleanser first to remove your skincare, makeup and SPF and follow up with a water-based cleansing gel (based on your aforementioned skin type) to rid your pores of sweat and dirt.

Cleanse & Reveal Hot Cloth Cleanser is a perfect clean-to-planet alternative to single-use facial wipes, while effectively and gently exfoliating and smoothing your facial skin thanks to its handy muslin cloth.

Once you’ve washed with your water-based cleanser, follow-up with exfoliating Ready Steady Glow AHA Tonic to remove any final traces of makeup and debris, while sloughing away at dead skin cells, leaving a perfectly cleansed base, helping the rest of your skincare to absorb.

Cleansing tips for all skin types.

Don't over-cleanse, either.

Our sulphate-free, cruelty-free cleansers are formulated to be pH balanced, never upsetting the natural balance or good bacteria of your skin. But harsh cleansing routines can strip away your natural oils, especially counterproductive for oily or combination skin, as it can make your skin compensate by producing more oil.

We also debunk the myth that using cold water will minimise your pores - too cold or too hot temperatures actually shock your skin, too hot especially can cause broken capillaries.

For pore control - double cleansing followed by Daily AHA Tonic is enough. If you feel you may be guilty of an over-cleanse, microbiome-restoring Perfect Canvas Clean Primer and Glow Daily Vitamin C Gel Cream will help rebalance good bacteria while Ultra-Comforting Rescue Mask instantly soothes uncomfortable feeling skin.

Cleansing tips for all skin types.

Boost your cleanser.

That said, there’s no harm in giving your cleanser an upgrade. Every skin type - but especially city-dwelling skin - is at risk of going a little dull or grey from pollution exposure. Falling victim? Give your cleanser a brightening boost with a pea-sized amount of Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial and massage over your face (avoiding the eye area) as you usually would. The potent Vitamin C will be activated by the water in your gel cleanser, powering through pollution, delivering active ingredients and restoring energy to your skin.