Join our new mission, with Planet Patrol

Join our new mission, with Planet Patrol

To collect 10,000 pieces of litter for our planet

We’ve been partners with Planet Patrol for over three years now, coming together to enact physical cleanups and proliferate education about single-use plastic and litter, and the impact it can have on our beaches, waterways, canals, oceans, and the wider environment, too. For World Oceans Day 2021 we’re kicking off a new Mission with Planet Patrol: to collect 10,000 pieces of litter from oceans, beaches and waterways in the UK by the end of the year - and we’re calling on our clean-loving community to help...

What we’re asking you to do

With your smartphone, change is quite literally at your fingertips

Download the Planet Patrol App available for iOS and Android

  1. Find our mission: Menu > Missions > REN CLEAN UP MISSION
  2. Stock up on safety gloves, pickers and bags. You can use your own, or shop the Planet Patrol selection
  3. Set a date with friends or fly solo collecting litter in your local area
  4. Take a picture of each litter instance, tag which category it falls into (e.g. plastic drinks bottle) and upload to the app to help gather info about pollution in your area. And, while we love enthusiasm, please don’t pick up anything gross or put yourself in any danger.

We’ll be posting more stories with Planet Patrol, including progress of this latest mission, in the near future. Stay tuned and make sure you’re signed up to our newsletter to find out how you can help make even more positive change for our planet.

Join our new mission, with Planet Patrol

More about Planet Patrol

Planet Patrol is a UK-based but worldwide-acting NGO set up in 2016 to help combat discarded litter, with focus on single-use items, to help protect our planet and wildlife. A solution-oriented community, technology is a large part of how they tackle packaging pollution, using a smart downloadable app to help record instances, including what brands, if any, seem to come up the most. Collating this evidence with the help of British Universities helps Planet Patrol lobby brands and government to stop pollution at the source, while encouraging recyclability and circularity at the end of its life lifecycle.