Oily skin: the day routine.

Oily skin: the day routine.

Keep oily skin and pores at bay all day.

Struggling with oily skin? You’re certainly not alone. It’s not just the bane of hormonal teenagers or combination skin types - summer sun and humid conditions can make even skin on the drier side shine up, and navigating these waters are tricky.

Over-washing your face can lead to irritation and actually increase oil production. Ditching the moisturiser altogether can cause dry patches, or leave your skin looking sallow with fine lines. Then of course, changing nothing can let the oil build up and not only make makeup slide (plus make you feel a little icky) but can cause breakouts and large-looking pores, too. But enough problems - let’s focus on the solution to over-shining skin.

Oily skin: the day routine.

Summer skin: why so shiny?

The heat has a naturally stimulating effect on our skin, causing more oil to be secreted from our glands. This sebum helps lubricate the skin, fighting off dryness, waterproofing it if you will. Think of it as a defence mechanism... When your skin is warmer the barrier becomes more permeable, losing more moisture, so our skin produces more sebum as an extra physical barrier to keep your skin hydrated. While this sounds great in theory - overproduction makes our faces appear shiny and can lead to the aforementioned skin issues. So with that, here’s your morning routine to control shine all day. 

Oily skin: the day routine.

The morning cleanse. 

If you’ve washed your face the night before, you won’t need to cleanse too hard in the morning as there won’t be pollution buildup overnight. One wash with T-Zone Balancing Cleansing Gel is enough to help target oil and any sweat that’s gone on in the night. Apply on dry skin, massage then use some water to emulsify into a lather before rinsing and patting dry. Ignore the voice in your head to harsh scrub as this can actually encourage natural skin oil production - which isn’t what we want, right?

Oily skin: the day routine.

Oily skin does need a serum. 

If your skin is dehydrated it’ll compensate by making more oil. And conversely, if it’s well moisturised - it’ll think it’s done enough. So get on the lookout for a lightweight serum. Serums are generally light in texture with more concentrated ingredients so it’s a stage you don’t want to skip. Flash Hydro Boost Instant Plumping Emulsion is our ultra-hydrating and 3D plumping treatment that helps train the skin to better utilise it’s water reserves - thanks to Xylitol, while Ceramides help prevent moisture loss. Simply add to your face, massage in - add a few drops of water to your fingertips and massage again till dry, upping your hydration game instantly. 

Another instant wonder is our Instant Firming Beauty Shot which is perfect if you want an age-defying boost that’s light, as many anti-ageing solutions tend to veer toward rich. A blend of hyaluronic acid and lifting agents will smooth the look of tired lines, while keeping your skin hydrated for up to a beautiful eight hours.

Oily skin: the day routine.

Shine-stopping moisturiser and sunscreen.

Now you’re probably thinking - surely putting these steps on my face are going to make me even more shiny. Incorrect. Our T-Zone Balancing Gel Cream is formulated to stop oil slicks around the t-zone (forehead, nose) without drying out the rest of your face. It works with Konjac Root and Willowbark to help shrink the look of pores and rebalance oil.

Now it’s time to apply sunscreen. Clean Screen Mineral SPF 30 is a mattifier and sun protection in one, making the most of zinc oxide to give skin a soft-blurring effect. It should be used daily in the morning and topped up every 2 hours if you can for max protection, but since many only use SPF in hot days, we’ve added Rice Starch Extract to keep you shineless, mopping up excess oil without clogging skin that’s already prone to it - how’s that for skin smarts?

Now you’re ready to face the day. But what about the night? Read up on our night routine to keep oily skin at bay and beat congestion induced breakouts - all while you were sleeping.